FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday 4th November 2008
Health Freedom Spokesperson: Nicola Grace

Prime Minister Helen Clark announced to a group of Hamilton Students that “we will push ahead with this Bill (The Anti-Vitamin Bill).  We need a trans-Tasman regulator.  We intend to proceed”, but has remained deafeningly silent to the media, considering this was a favourite Bill of the Government who failed to get numbers for its passing at second reading. 

“This Bill has been unpopular from it’s inception with the majority of New Zealanders, political parties and select committees opposing it.  The Prime Minister’s party is campaigning on trust this election yet has omitted to make a clear stand on what has been one of the party’s pet Bills over the past 9 years.  One has to ask what is going on in the background and can we really trust her government on this issue?” Nicola Grace spokeswoman for Health Freedom NZ says.

Sue Kedgley of the Greens asked in an earlier release addressing Health Minister David Cunliffe, Monday "I challenge the Minister to tell the electorate whether he will support a New Zealand based regulatory regime for dietary supplements, which the industry has come up with, instead,"… and  "Labour has been strangely silent on this issue since it was forced to drop the bill for lack of support in Parliament. They owe it to the electorate to give a straight answer on where they stand on the bill, and if they have given up on their foolhardy attempt to hand over control of our dietary supplements industry to an Australian regulator.”

This is a sentiment Health Freedom NZ shares considering the Labour party are campaigning on the issue of trust.  “Surely it is in their best interest to be honest with the two million New Zealanders who take natural products, to publicly announce whether or not they intend, to push ahead with a trans-Tasman regulatory agency that would see 95% of this Australian corporate entity staffed by Australians and natural products regulated as if they were dangerous pharmaceutical drugs,” says Nicola. 

“If it’s good enough for our Prime Minister to make the announcement to five hundred Hamilton students, surely if she wants the nation's trust she should be making a public statement of where Labour stands on the Therapeutic Products and Medicines Bill.  Helen Clark owes it to the electorate to let us know if we can trust her not to sell our sovereign health freedom rights to an Australian corporate entity, before election day, not after.”